Hawaii HVAC Training

Want to go to one of the HVAC Schools in Hawaii? You know, if you go to Molokai there’s a small post office where they have a Post-A-Nut service where you can take a coconut, address it anywhere in the world and as long as you put postage on it you can mail it off just the way it is as a real coconut, with no other packaging.

Being an HVAC tech in Hawaii creates a lot of interesting opportunities. Number one is the fact that the state just does not have bad extremes of weather, but remember, up on the top of the volcano you can find some snow. Also as you go inland to the hotter areas there’s many places in Kauai that get over 100 degrees. It’s important to have strong HVAC

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training to keep all the tourists and the locals happy, to keep their families secure and to keep the elderly out of harm’s way.

If you get a training in HVAC in Hawaii, there is really only one place to go and that’s in Honolulu. If you’re going to do this you should plan on living in Honolulu for a while, while you’re going to be getting your education. Then as you get your education, your certification, you can move out and do HVAC in any town or any island in the state. There’s so many beautiful places to choose from.

I’d be careful though and make sure that there’s jobs available before going through the time and expense of the education, just in case as in many opportunities in Hawaii, they are limited. You don’t want to get an expensive educastion and then end up not having a job and not being able to pay back your loans. Either way, you’re living in paradise. Aloha.

It is hard to argue a better place to live than Hawaii. It is also hard to argue that it may be the one place on the planet that needs HVAC techs the least.

Luckily for those who want to make come money out of the Aloha the state sends the rest of the world, there is a place for HVAC techs with a good education in Hawaii.

Hawaii does have it’s cold says, and it definitely can get enough heat on a sunny where opening up the window to the Lanai is still not enough to keep the sweat down.

There are enough mainlanders with their fancy hair and clothes staying at the hotels to need to keep the air a little drier so their hair does not curl.

Honolulu Community College is not the only place to get an HVAC education in Hawaii, you can also get started on it online.

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So before you go spend another day getting pounded at Sandy’s take a minute to look at your future, supporting your family, and taking care of the good tourists who pop in for some Aloha and to drop a few coins. Let the tourists from the west coast stop in, and have a nice airconditioned stay at the hotel, before they go stand up and get in your way in the lineup.